KISS is an old acronym that stands for Keep It Simple Stupid. It’s a philosophy I try to follow whenever possible. As I prepare to relocate to the “Right” coast I will no longer be the “Northwest Photographer” even though, for now, I’m going to continue to use my blog site that you’re reading by that name. I did make up a simplistic new contact card that has my 3 main blogs so that I can hand them out to folks that may want to look at my photographs. I thought I might share that new card with you all. It doesn’t have my email address or telephone number on the version I’m showing you here for security purposes but I think you get the idea anyway.

I’m going to a strictly black & white format because I intend to buy a monochrome laser printer when I arrive in New England to replace the inkjets I’ve always had. I don’t print enough at home to justify a color printer anymore. The expensive color cartridges tend to dry out before I get my money’s worth from them. With Costco selling 8″ x 12″ glossy prints for $1.50 I can’t buy good paper or ink that cheaply. I may wind up with a laser copy/scan combo. You can get a decent one for around $125.  http://www.bhphotovideo.com


New Business Card


10 thoughts on “K.I.S.S.

  1. I’m confused about the “black and white” format? Do you mean you’ll be taking pictures only in black and white or printing only in black and white — or that your blogs will be only black and white — or all three? Of course, I could wait until you get out East and the find out, but I like to ask questions.

    Also, on your blog address, I know WordPress says we can’t change that address, even though we can change the title of the blog — but I’m almost sure that the technicians have a way of changing that for you. You might ask them once you bet settled.

    • I was referring to printing in black & white instead of color. My blog will still be capable of full color photos. I rarely print any of my photos so I’m replacing my color inkjet with a monochrome, ie. black & white, laser printer.

      As far as my blog it is titled Northwest Photographer and I’m moving to New England 3100 miles away. I may start a new blog but will keep it the same for the time being.

      • But it’s a simple thing to change your title completely — in your ‘General Settings’ page. I’ve done it three times on mine. You can title it anything you want. That’s much, much easier than having to start over and move things that you want from this blog to another one.

        The only thing they say you cannot change is the actual address that goes into the address bar, but what I was referring to earlier is that I’m almost sure the WP technicians can even change that for you. If they can’t change that part (since it says Northwest as well), then you might want a whole new blog. But if you can change that address, I’d just change the title on your General Settings page, and you’ll have it all done. Really, no one pays attention to the address in the address bar anyway, because everyone follows links to the blogs. So they really only pay attention to title itself.

      • Thanks Sandra. You saved me. I’ll change the title after I’ve moved in 6 weeks. Maybe to something new and exciting like :Northeast Photographer. LOL

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