Not A Baby Anymore

The lion cubs are starting to show their age. The first set of three, born September 07, 2013 were all female. Their mother, Neka and father, Zawadi Mungu, were new to this game, being first time parents. The second set of cubs were born September 08, 2014 to first time mom, Kya, and now experienced Zawadi Mungu. There were 4 in the litter born to Kya who lost one shortly after they were delivered. The remaining three, two females and one male, were healthy cubs that quickly joined the growing pride of 9.

Now almost one year old the second set of cubs has lost their curly hair coats, begun looking more and more like their older siblings. It’s been my pleasure being there to photograph the pride over the past 8-9 years as they’ve grown into one big happy family. Two of the original three cubs from the first set of females have moved on to other zoos so now the pride is down to 7 individuals.

Oldest Lion Cub


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