Smoke Fills Our Air

If you’ve missed it the Northwest is burning. Washington, Oregon and California are inundated with forest fires, producing clouds of smoke that is making breathing difficult. I’ve been coughing all day with the windows shut tight and the air conditioning running full blast. I suffer from congestive heart failure that weakened my lungs, heart and kidneys.

Three firefighters in Washington lost their lives in a vehicle that was consumed by a fast moving fire. The National Guard has been called out to help the huge force of firefighters in their ballad. NOAA has issued a Rd Flag alert for dangerous air quality. Elderly folks or those with difficulty breathing are told to stay inside where air Conditioning can help them breathe.

Conditions are so severe that a backfiring truck started a fire last week. Everything is adding to the danger. Stupid cigarette smokers are suspected of starting a lot of the fires as they habitually toss their butts.


7 thoughts on “Smoke Fills Our Air

  1. I have heard from others. Apparently wildfires are widespread and getting worse. We’re pretty dry too, but not as bad as you are. And we have been lucky because we’ll so heavily forested, it would just take one lit cigarette to start a fire that would consume half the county and a couple of towns. We need rain. We ALL need rain.

    • You know it’s bad in Washington where they can’t get a handle on just how many homes have been destroyed. Even Obama has declared a state of emergency there.

  2. As dry as we are in Southern California, we have been fortunate not to have had any of the mega-fires yet this year. My thoughts go out to those in northern CA, OR, and WA who are affected by the terrible fires you are experiencing!

  3. It’s so bad that the Information go to guy for The Estacada Facebook group posted this earlier. Joe is the PIO for Hoodland FD and is also the go to guy around my part of the county for fire info.
    Posted by: Joe Schwab
    8-22-2015 1:55pm

    Red Flag warning is in effect, if you have a question about if you can do it or use it, you probably cant.
    Brisk sustained east wind is a dangerous addition to already dangerous conditions. Watch for trees in lines catching fire then dropping, when this wind happens.

  4. We are also getting the smoke residue here on the coast too, but not like you are up there.
    Our residue is coming from eastern Washington.
    Stay safe.

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