We Have The Oldest Animals On Earth

PORTLAND, Ore. – We could all take longevity lessons from a few Oregon Zoo animals.

Eight of the zoo’s residents are some of the oldest of their kind on the planet, according to Oregon Zoo spokesman Hova Najarian.

Zoo favorite Packy, the 53-year-old Asian elephant, is not just the oldest Asian elephant in North America – he’s also the tallest, at 10 and a half feet.

“His toughness always impresses me,” said Bob Lee, who oversees the elephant program. “Sometimes it’s easy to forget he’s a geriatric elephant.”

Packy, Male Indian Elephant- 53


Inji, Female Sumatran Orangutan – 55

Joe Cool Inji

Conrad, Male Polar Bear – 30

Conrad B&W 2

Tasul, Female Polar Bear – 30


Hermosa, Male Penguin – 33


Pink Flamingo – 49

Flamingo 4

Kia, Female Amur Leopard – 21

Kia On High

Boris, Male Amur Leopard – 17

Boris 14


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