Ruka #3

I’m continuing my efforts to get as many decent photographs of our new male black rhino as I can. Ruka only came out of quarantine about a week ago so visitors are seeing him for the first time. I find most don’t yet realize he even exists. When I get the final shots of him before I move to New England I’m going to bundle what I have and send them all to Carolyn Leonard at the Oregon Zoo. She knows the zoo keeper in charge of the rhinos and will make sure they get them. I’ve done this before with Zuri, the female black rhino.

Ruka #3


7 thoughts on “Ruka #3

  1. You’ll have to hunt up wildlife in the wild around here. But fortunately, there is a fair amount, especially if you are stealthy and patient. Not big game though. No rhinoceri or elephants, at least none about which I knew. But coyotes and fishers, racoons and bobcats. Skunk. Snakes.And some badass spiders.

  2. And birds. Little birds, bigger ones, tiny ones and HUGE ones. Lots of hawks, eagles and other raptors. Blue Heron, cattle egrets, swans, geese, ducks, diver ducks, cows, horses and some really weird people.

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