Retouching An Old Photograph

The photo below was one I took years ago at the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Gardens in Portland. I’ve only visit that beautiful place once but loved the peaceful walk through a wild piece of nature set right in a major metropolitan area. This heron was a nice suprise as I looked around a small lake with a skyline full of tall buildings. I was a considerable distance away but was able to capture the bird along the reeds of the shoreline.

I put this final shot through the camera shake filter in Photoshop along with the new DeHaze filter. It improved everything dramatically. Finally I ran the shot through Topaz Simplify just to get the photo down to its basics that includes sharper edges. I resaved the image with these edits as it improved the original significantly. Now it’s in the “Wall Hanger” category. I may need to remember this shot and have a 30″ x 20″ gallery canvas print made for my new home in Boston.

Heron At Crystal Springs Garden


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