Photograph Your Home

I read complaints from amateur photographers all the time about their lack of inspiration. They whine about not having anything to photograph. I’m a strong believer that if you start with your own environment and work outward you’ll never run out of material. Start with the big stuff like your backyard.

It seems like a lifetime since I did the “Frameable Keeper” series of pictures around my home at Rock Creek Apartments. It’s a beautiful place with leafy trees that change to postcard material in the Autumn. There were canals and ponds all over the huge complex that had dozens of Mallard ducks that lived their year round. We even had a resident family of Canadian geese that gave birth to goslings year after year. I lived there 4 years and never got tired of my backyard.

I even enjoyed my tiny balcony there. I made it home by planting flowers that I photographed from the day they popped out of their potting soil. I gave progress reports on their miraculous growth. Nature is amazing and always a good source of photographs.

So the photo below is a fond memory of my backyard from a few years ago. When a greedy outside investment company bought out the complex it was a sign things were changing, and not for the better. I could tell because the first thing they did was fire all the folks that worked in the management office a week before Christmas. I try not to think about the Godless people whose only God is money.

Week 25


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