Rough Weather Rolls Through Oregon

Mother Nature put on quite a show Friday night and Saturday.. There were thunderstorms and rain combined with 45 mph winds tearing up the trees that hadn’t seen rain in 4-5 months. I got up in the middle of the night during the storm that briefly interrupted our power. The Northwest is famous for its wind storms particularly in the Portland valley and the Columbia River Gorge. Winds over 100mph are commonplace. There were downed trees everywhere. It felt like a taste of Fall with green leaf debris collecting on our front entrance slab. The swirling winds deposit piles of leaves there in Autumn and Winter.

We didn’t get nearly enough rain, in my opinion, during the past 48 hours but there was a marked drop in temperatures from the onslaught of 90 degree days we’ve had this Summer. Hopefully we’ll stay in the low 70s for a few more days. The winds are dying down already so the cleanup process will begin. I fear Eastern Oregon didn’t get nearly enough rain to put out the fires still burning there. I didn’t hear any reports from Washington on their terrible fires.

Still, we can hope this weekend was a harbinger of favorable changes coming. I, for one, love the rainy season we have here. It’s so peaceful hearing the slow rain coming down on a bed of fallen leaves. Now that’s a sound you could record and use as white noise for great sleeping.

Clear Cloud

Boat Dock House

Week 1


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