Nosey Neighbors

I watched another news story today about a neighbor complaining about the property next to his. There’s a trailer on the lot with someone living there. The nosey neighbor photographed a hyperdermic syringe on the ground. There didn’t appear to be a visible needle on it.


7 thoughts on “Nosey Neighbors

    • I was thinking about your environment when I wrote this. The nosey neighbor syndrome is part of our sick society. Isolationism caused by a general lack of social communication skills has made a world of paranoid people. The wrath laid on the poor mom who forgot her baby in her shopping cart is another example. “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”!

  1. We are very blessed here in this apt complex. There six buildings here with six units in each building and we have not had any problems with noisy neighbors. We are all very considerate of each other. Junmies move in and do not stay. Management keeps this place clean and safe.
    I am happy about the new homeless camps the chuchrches are sponsoring with water coming on. This is the first year of them doing so and it is a good thing.

    • LOL I think you misread the title of my post Ruth. It’s Nosey not Noisy neighbors. The internet has produced millions of people willing to hang anyone who makes a mistake whether it’s Hillary Clinton with her email or a poor lady that accidentally forgets her baby in a shopping cart, or car or anywhere else. They are so quick to judge and throw the book at anyone. “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone” is my philosophy taught in the Bible. You know, that thing others are trashing lately with gay marriage, legalized dope and the anything goes lifestyle. 😦

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