You Never Know

Nope, you never know who you’re going to meet in casual circumstances. I was at the Kuni Auto Center today getting two headlight bulbs changed out in preparation for my move to New England one month from today. As I talked with the center’s receptionist a young lady known commercially as Mercy McNab struck up a conversation where she explained she was a professional photographer in the Portland area. She showed me a publication on the table in which her name and work was published. I gave her my contact card just as my technical writer entered to inform me my car was finished and ready to settle up for the work done. I had to cut my conversation short but took that publication home to look up miss McNab. Her main website is at:

After spending around 15 minutes viewing her website all I can comment on is that she’s getting paid for her work and that she is published in that magazine and on all the social media sites. The world has changed since I shot commercially and getting your presence out on the internet is important these days. There’s an old rule in photography that your worst critics will always be other professional photographers. It’s one reason I hesitate to enter photo contests on the internet or especially photographic forums. These can be brutal when the judging is done by “pixel picker” photographers looking for fault rather that what’s good about the submitted photos. I’ve won my share of these gauntlet style events but it’s not a satisfying experience so I’ve stopped entering them.

Miss McNab has a unique style that fits a niche market. If you’re in this business to make money and you’re getting paid for your assignment you can be deemed successful. Check out her work at the site listed above in this post.


9 thoughts on “You Never Know

  1. You are kind to put forth another artist’s work, my friend – regardless of your own personal aesthetic. As we all know, the arts, all very subjective indeed.
    I hope all your moving plans are going smoothly and that you’re feeling well

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