Again – I’m Not Politically Correct

Miss Davis is in jail today for standing by her religious beliefs. Good for her! If others of faith demanded to be locked up with her, what would that judge do then? How about 100,000 or 1,000,000 Christians get in line to join her? Would they have enough jails, enough food, enough guards to care for all those defiant “criminals”? The judge threw out her defense claiming that we, in America, live in a land with laws. I might have been tempted to pull out a dollar bill and remind that judge what is engraved on the back of that bill. “In God We Trust”!!!!!

If I were jailed for defending my constitutional rights to religious practice I’d call that judge every morning from my cell to demand a pedicure.



5 thoughts on “Again – I’m Not Politically Correct

  1. I have the right to my beliefs and others to theirs and no one should be made to follow one rule. We are all as different as leaves that fall to the ground in the Fall. This is total discrimination against this woman for standing up for what she believes in.

    • Are courts should not do away with religious freedoms to make room for a new minority segment of the American population. A lot of other countries are not as liberal as we’ve become under the Obama administration. He has done great harm to our country.

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