Mother Nature can be said to have quite a sense of humor when it comes to different species of animal. Take, for example, the Speke’s gazelle and the giraffe. To look at them you might think they are unlikely to be close friends yet in the real world they get along fabulously. They’ve got the “lookout” covered completely. If they were to cooperate with food acquisition they would never starve. Have you ever seen what a giraffe can do to a fully grown male lion? They are not easy prey. The Speke’s gazelle on the other hand has incredible speed, leaping ability and tight cornering.Only their young are vulnerable to lions who must work together to catch these little guys. I love the contrast in size and speed.

Giraffe #99

Speke's Gazelle #9


2 thoughts on “Opposites

  1. One is so tall and lanky and the other so small and petite-proof opposites attract. Beautiful photos of these beautiful creatures.

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