moving_clipart_-_Google_SearchI have moved no less than 6 times in the past 9 years since moving from South Carolina to Portland, Oregon. I’ve lived in apartments, condos and private houses, all as a renter. I’ve endured 2nd story living and the delight of living on the ground floor. I’ve had the luxury of in dwelling washers and dryers or the agony of hiking up and down 3 flights of stairs with huge baskets of clothes for the privilege of spending a ton of money in an in house laundry room. I hate doing laundry!

As I get older and my knees grow weary I’m slowly but surely getting rid of stuff. Since I hate doing laundry I’m down to one load of clothes in my closets, drawers and anywhere else you can pile stuff. I used to take 14 washers and dryers in a local laundromat, 14. I owned a van at the time and would take it all in the wee hours of the morning every 6 weeks. I had a lot of clothes, 44 T-shirts for example. Now I’m down to 10. As I prepare to move 3100 miles from Oregon to New England I’m packing all my worldly possessions in the back of a Smart Car and then shipping that car overland on an 18 wheel car carrier. Then this old man is getting on a plane and 5 hours later I’ll be all the way across the country. I am also carrying two bags of stuff with me on the plane. My backpack has all my camera gear in it along with essential medications like my two types of insulin that are temperature sensitive. I’ve got my trusty Nexus 7 tablet and a second camera in a tiny bag around my neck for touristy shots of the 5 hour cross country flight. I’ve got this moving thing down to a science.

Less is better when you’re in retirement, live alone and embrace a bachelor’s lifestyle. I own two small frypans and one two quart pot with lid. I keep around three sharp specialty knives, paring, bread and chef’s. I have a set of flatware that are purely utilitarian. I’ve lost a few pieces to the house gremlin we all know and hate. I’m down to two teaspoons. 😦 I have three glasses left out of the original 6 glass set. There are two mismatched coffee/tea cup. All my kitchen stuff fits in one Rubbermaid storage box.

The older you get the more drugs you take. As I prepare for the big move I’ve literally got a shopping bag full of pill bottles. There are little ones like my water pills and huge ones from Costco like Magnesium, Niacin and fish oil capsules. There’s a supplement for everything. The 81mg aspirin bottle is tiny. πŸ™‚

I hope this is my final move. I’ll ask my new landlords to please bury me in the woods in their backyard as all my stuff should fit nicely in an extra large box. Β I wonder if Rubbermaid makes snap lid coffins? πŸ™‚


10 thoughts on “Stuff

  1. The woods is going to get awfully crowded with all the corpses. The line fall at the right … and the washer/dryer are in your bathroom and they are free. Big, too, so if you work it right, once a week or less should do it.

  2. Hey, a washer and dryer right in your bathroom!!! That sounds like a great deal, Bob. I think you’re going to like this new place. And I do envy you being in New England. It’s my second choice, next to the Smokies. Actually, if I could be anywhere I wanted to be, I’d live in the Smokies 9 months of each year, and in New England all 3 summer months.

    I guess the countdown to the big day has begun. I’ll be looking forward to pictures of the new place.

  3. Time is getting bear of you isn”t it and good of you for downsizing the way you have. I am awful and still have more stuff than apt., and two rented storage sheds full of stuff. My kids can have one heck of a sale when I croack.

  4. Kudos to you for doing all that downsizing, Bob. My husband (another Bob) and I have a fearful amount of downsizing to do. We are chipping away at it, a little bit every Thursday that the trash collectors and recycling truck come around. I have to ask (although you don’t have to answer), why so many long-distance relocations?

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