Photoshop Shake Filter Difference

I had a great time during my zoo visit yesterday walking the circuit with Liz Campbell. She’s my photography student that is doing such a fantastic job after a year of practicing. Liz uses the identical camera gear as I do and the results show it. She sent me one of her shots of a California Condor that turned out well. I was talking to Liz on our safari about the difference the Photoshop camera shake filter makes in the overall sharpness of photographs taken with a handheld camera. Out of curiosity I applied that filter to the shot she sent me and again was stunned that it made her shot even sharper. I put her original shot on the left and the shake filter rendition on the right. Zoom in on the eye and facial wrinkles and you can see that difference. Unfortunately that sharpness filter in not available in Lightroom or Elements at this time. 😦

Someday Liz may move up to the rented version of Photoshop CC so I wanted to show her, and you all, the difference.

Condor Closeup


10 thoughts on “Photoshop Shake Filter Difference

  1. Brilliant filter! But I have to admit, the photo on the left was reasonably sharp already. Do you think you get the same result if you use a “high pass filter” to increase sharpness?


    • I use other filtering software after the camera shake application. Sometimes the difference is so significant I don’t do any further sharpening because in general sharpening pixelates photos and leaves artifacts. If you have enough ambient light to keep your shutter speed at a point where camera shake is not a factor then simple sharpening is used.

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