Golden Opportunity

Liz & I were at the Bald Eagle environment Saturday and we couldn’t get in the viewing cage, the doors were locked. The reason we were so anxious to get in there was because both our bald eagles were up at their uppermost perch for some unknown reason. We didn’t know why but we had to get in that cage before they scattered back to their distant roost 75 feet away. Finally a zookeeper arrived with the key to let us in. Again, the birds remained no more than 6 feet from us with nothing but clear air between us. It was a great opportunity to get really close shots of these magnificent birds. We finally figured out what was going on. There was a second zookeeper at their other roost hosing down that area. The birds were trapped at the upper roost. Our good fortune paid off as both Liz and I fired away. Here are a couple of shots I captured that morning.

Two Eagles In Upper Nest

Eagle Closeup #1


3 thoughts on “Golden Opportunity

  1. We have quite a few of these big guys in the area. VERY impressive birds. Never had a camera in had during an encounter, but you see them along the larger rivers waiting for fish … or to steal the catch of human fisherman 🙂 Great pix!

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