Remembering Some Of My Favorite Animals

I’m asked all the time what my favorite animal is. Can you ask someone who their favorite child is? It’s just not a fair question. I love all animals equally. I could answer that my favorite animal is the one in front of me but that would solicit snickers about politically correct answers. I don’t have a favorite.

So why did I title this post “Remembering Some Of My Favorite Animals”? Because I want to remember the best photographs I’ve taken of each species at the Oregon Zoo.

I foolishly pressed the wrong button while doing some household chores on my Nexus 7 tablet last week. I blew away every photo on my tablet, instantly. In the process of rebuilding my portfolio of all those images I’m giving renewed attention to the best of the best in that collection. I’m rethinking each species as I make my selections I want back on that tablet, before I leave for New England. When I make contact with the 4 zoos in the Boston area I want to go armed with a collection that’s attractive and interesting. A photo of a male orangutan is impressive but one of that orangutan chewing bubble gum after opening the wrapper and folding it neatly before placing it in his lips is special. 🙂

Bubbles With A Mouthful

Gerenuk 15


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