The Uxbridge Chronicles

Chronicles “The chronological order of events in the order in which they happened in time.” I know I don’t leave for the Boston area for 3 weeks but I’m putting together the new home page for my blog. You don’t have to worry about changing the website address as that will remain the same. Only the title of the blog will change to describe the blog’s intent and purpose. Again, you can still find every blog post I’ve ever created. I look forward to adding photos and stories from my new home in Uxbridge, MA.


8 thoughts on “The Uxbridge Chronicles

    • Still busy packing, finding a home for all my stuff. Still busy trying to keep everyone happy with my departure, furniture to donate and getting my car picked up after loading all my stuff in it. I still have 3 more farewell lunches with 4 friends and a trip to Seattle next Saturday. Still need to call the airlines to find out if I can carry snacks on my overnight 5 hour flight to Newark, NJ from Portland, OR. Don’t think they feed you for free anymore so, as a diabetic I want to carry beef jerky and nuts on my carry on luggage to keep me going on the plane. I wonder if they give you something to drink? I know they won’t let you bring beverages onboard. That’s a lot of stuff going on in under 3 weeks that I have left.

      • My sister flies a lot, and she has been diagnosed as diabetic as well, so she always takes snacks with her. I’m almost sure that on every flight they have offered at least a snack as well — including drinks. And I’m sure they have to have bottled water available just for basic health and safety purposes.

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