Signs Of The Season

The farmers are harvesting their Autumn wheat fields. You can see walls of hay bales as you drive down country roads. There are flocks of Canadian Geese in formation honking as they fly overhead. It’s that time of the year folks. Autumn is in the wind right now. We had our last gasp of Summer trying to hang on this week. We’ve set records for the most number of 90 degree plus days ever. It’s time for Fall to take over.

Our temperatures have dropped 40 degrees in the past 4 days. There’s rain in the forecast and the breezes are picking up in the Columbia River Gorge. The leaves are changing color as we all wait for October to arrive, our traditional start of our rainy season. That will last until July of next year. No one knows how the gigantic El Nino heading our way will affect the rainfall totals or even our snowfall measurement in the mountains. Portland itself is a valley so snowpacks provide us valuable water reserves during our hot dry Summer.

Below are a couple of photos of Autumn’s harvest of color and raindrops. The water drops remind me of nature’s most precious gems.



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