What Do I Leave, What Do I Bring…

… and where do I put it? My 4 Rubbermaid storage boxes with the snap-on lids are filled to their brims. My old suitcase is so filled with clean, folded clothes I had to sit on it to get the latches to work. I’m even carrying a 5 gallon bucket in my front passenger side floor for my shoes, boots and tool belt. I still have to find room for my Winter Kilimanjaro 3/4 length jacket. I think I’m leaving behind my 2nd warm jacket, no room. There are still 3-4 light jackets in the closet but they are old and worn and might wind up in next week’s trash pickup. Some have sentimental value like my American made Lee denim jacket. It’s ancient and I bought it new for $50. I think it’s time to part with it. My Otto’s Hot Dog & Sausage fleece-lined hooded sweatshirt is going even if I have to hold it outside the aircraft window. A man has to draw the line in the sand somewhere! LOL

Half my dishes are going, that goes for the flatware and coffee cups too. I’ve got 1 8″ cast iron skillet that’s going for sure. I finally packed my toaster even though you can buy a new one for $15. It takes up a lot of room so it was a close call on that one.

The checked leather duffle is stuffed with clothes and drug bottles with prescriptions on them. I decided it would be too difficult to explain ZipLock bags of pills to the inspectors. My $1500 worth of temperature sensitive insulin is going in that checked bag as well. The cargo hold should keep it cool enough on a non-stop 2500 mile 5 hour flight. The drugs will get put in that duffle at the last minute right from my refrigerator.

All is well, on schedule and planned to the smallest detail. 18 days remain until I get on that overnight flight to New England. Only 11 remain until they pick up my super packed Smart Car. It’s empty right now but come September 24th it’s getting stuffed. It will only take me 10 minutes.

I know there will be stuff left behind that I should have packed but I feel in my heart I’ve done the best I could. Where do I put my black cowboy hat? LOL


14 thoughts on “What Do I Leave, What Do I Bring…

  1. Bob, two of my family members were diabetic for many years, and between them they used almost all types of insulin, yet the doctors told them they could carry their insulin unrefrigerated for many hours when they traveled. My husband was able to travel with his out of refrigeration for days at a time. I wouldn’t think that would be a problem.

    Can’t you find a little hole in the car for your second warm jacket — rolled up really tight???

    About the cowboy hat: Wear It! You look cute in it,and you can probably plop it in the compartment over your seat once you’re boarded. If worse comes to worse, you can hold it on your lap for the five hours. It would be a shame to part with it.

    As you can see, I’m no help when it comes to downsizing.

  2. Bob, if you have extra that you think you might be sorry later that you left certain items, consider using Greyhound bus service to ship it. Or even USPS. Remember, we only live once. This isn’t the time to pitch something special to you! (Leave those kitchen dishes and mugs behind if something else will fit in their space!)

    • I’m holding off buying anything else until I arrive there and see my new environment. I’ve only used gift cards thus far on new cookware that’s compatible with induction cooking.

  3. “Leave the gun, take the canolis.” Sorry Bob, being all Italian, I couldn’t resist plucking a Godfather line for you:)
    Packing is never easy. My mother-in-law has just about packed up her entire home – many things she’s parted with – like the contents of her treasured stained glass studio – her eyesight is waning and she no longer does glass. She will by coming our way here to the Hudson Valley, New York from Navajo Damn, New Mexico. She’s been very sad about the entire process, but we’ll make her very happy – you, know morning coffee – when she arrives here. Still, the packing, the parting with precious things and even the not-so-precious things still can present choices when one just doesn’t want to make them.

    You, my friend, seem to have a great mindset for this whole move. You’re keeping positive and maintaining that wonderful sense of humor!
    Make sure you take the hat – maybe a stewardess will wear it for you;)

    and when you do arrive my friend, if ever you venture to visit the Hudson Valley, you have an invitation for coffee

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