Renter’s Crisis In Portland

This is why I’m moving:


I saw it happen a number of times over the past 4 years. Big outside investors buy out entire apartment complexes, make a few repairs and then start raising the rents of everyone living there. I was at Rock Creek 185 Apartments over four years when they raised my rent $85 a month and then $50 more a year later. Keep in mind I basically lived in a closet 13.5′ x 13.5′ or 182 square foot sub-studio. In the end my rent was near $800 a month for that tiny space. It was infested by fruit flies and loud, obnoxious younger tenants with barking dogs, cigarette smoking illegally and pot smoking in the hallways. I had no choice but to move. I broke my lease after giving 30 days written notice and having never being late on my rent. They sent a collection agency after me and ruined my credit. My only income was $1400 a month in social security. I couldn’t afford to pay rent, pay for my medications, utilities and food. I had to move. I’ve moved 3 times since, running from the ever higher rents. When my present landlord informed me after I’d lived there 1 year that he wanted to sell his home I decided to get the hell out of Oregon altogether. It’s the same for everyone who must rent here.


7 thoughts on “Renter’s Crisis In Portland

    • His 4 bedroom house on the 11th fairway of Rock Creek Golf Course is worth a fortune in today’s market. The temptation to make a big profit and run is too strong. Paul is a struggling musician who lost his job at Intel the same day I did in 2010.

  1. Too bad. Sorry for you all, but Bob seems like you have an exciting new life coming up. Not so easy for those who are not retired and who must stay where they are. I hope it all works out.

    • Our renter’s advocacy group here known as CAT has declared a state of emergency for Portland. There will be protests against the policies or profiteers evicting tenants in Portland. Our stinking government has to do something. For one thing they need to get their heads out of their collective asses and start taking care of their vets like me instead of worrying about emails and foreign refugees. We have issues here in the United States involving the rich trying to get richer over the bodies of the vets and our poor. Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are addressing these issues. Why aren’t the establishment politicians doing something about it? Could it be because they’re part of the problem instead of the solution?

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