Home Is Where You Hang Your Hat

Birdhouse 2I’m discovering I am not alone by any means when it comes to frustration of being forced to move out of Portland. The rich keep trying to get richer at the expense of the poor. I’ve been fighting this trend since 2010 when I was laid off by Intel Corporation. That company remained very profitable right through the worst recession of all time in the United States. They chose to close down our Hillsboro Ronler Acres Fab so that the laid off employees could try to get new jobs locally and they could make more money. It’s ironic that the identical plant that remained open was in New England. We were told we were chosen for closure not because we didn’t outproduce our sister plant but because by sacrificing our jobs we were giving the New England plant workers a job when they might have needed to be laid off instead of transferred within Intel’s many campuses in Oregon. Funny how that worked out. Intel then proceeded to make record profits quarter after quarter while we were on the unemployment line. I took early retirement to get off of unemployment in 2010.

Now I’m moving to the highest rental market in the country, blessed to find an affordable home with friends. I hope this arrangement lasts until I croak. Change is inevitable but I hope that if I must move again it’s not to Alaska. LOL I hear their cost of living is even worse than here or Boston. Bernie Sanders is right, 1 percent of Americans own our government and control the other 99% of us. Their collective wealth is more than they could ever spend in 1,000 lifetimes. Would every homeless person in America please pick up one rock and throw it at those who control our lives? Our illustrious government will provide free room and board with a great medical plan if you do. 🙂


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