What’s Left

This is it folks, what’s left from my last ever Oregon Zoo visit. I’m out of new pictures and running out of time. I unloaded all my stuff to give away yesterday, spreading it out between the Salvation Army, my old landlord, Paul and my best friend, Warren. Then we all went to the Dragon Fountain for lunch and finally ended the day watching the latest Mission Impossible movie with Tom Cruise. My bedroom is mighty empty as are all my closets. For a week I’ll still have a car and computer. After that y’all are gonna have to wait for me to get set up and settled into my new home in Uxbridge, MA.

The photo below is an extreme crop of a shot I took of 55 year old Inji, our senior great grandmother of an orangutan at the Oregon Zoo. She has lots of company again these days what with Kitra, Kumar & Bob joining her. I’ll miss my sweetheart and will try to keep track of her in my new location.

Inji's Eyes

8 thoughts on “What’s Left

  1. Those eyes touch my heart. Look at that sadness and wisdom.
    Sounds like you are enjoying one adventure on a sad note and am sending good vibes that the new one will make your heart sing.

  2. Bob, I’m getting back (again) to blogging and I just came across this post. I’m happy to read you’ll be moving closer “my way,” but also sad for you for having to move away from Portland and your beloved zoo. You’ve done so much to capture those gorgeous animal faces, and I know the zoo staff but especially the “residents” (i.e., animals, lol) will miss you tremendously. The good new is: there are plenty of zoos on the east coast that need your attention, too. I’m sure there’ll be a zoo just waiting for you to get there, and I selfishly hope you continue chronicling the lives of animals through your artistic lens. Best wishes on your move, with your new home! I’m still blogging at C-Dog occasionally, but I have a new “creative writing” blog called Big Promises, Little Results where I’m doing most of my work these days. I’ll try to stay in touch better — been kind of crazy here, too. 🙂 Enjoy the adventure, my friend. Deb @ C-Dog & Company.

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