A Touch Of Glass

Admittedly this is just a teaser of my trip yesterday to Seattle and the Chihuly Glass Works. It’s Sunday, the week’s slowest day in the blog world so I’m just posting a few choice shots that I’ve just processed from the more than 400 that I took yesterday. There was just so much to capture in the few hours we were there. Both Annette and I were tired after all the walking on concrete sidewalks and building floors. We took a few breaks near the end just to be able to make it back to our meetup spot with her husband, Scott.

The glassworks itself was actually our final stop of the day. the exhibits ran their course both inside and outdoors. It was breathtakingly beautiful. There were a lot of cameras and even more cell phones being used to capture it all. As usual there were many nationalities visiting the area.

I’ll give you just a single frame from one of the indoor exhibits today. As you can imagine it’s going to take a week that I don’t have right now to finishing the processing. September 25th my car is being picked up and my iMac must be in that car.

Chihuly #2


2 thoughts on “A Touch Of Glass

  1. I totally sympathise about having a mountain of sooc to edit!
    The glass is indeed breathtaking- big exhibitions have been to phoenix desert botanical several times, but each time, at different times of day they look so different.

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