Stroll In A Seattle Park #1

I really had fun yesterday during my adventure in Seattle! Annette & Scott graciously treated me to a photo safari to some of Seattle most interesting venues including the Space Needle and The Chihuly Glass Works. There were so many sights to see and photograph Scott simply dropped Annette and me off near the Space Needle and continued driving to visit his daughter who lives nearby.

We wandered through parks with Science Centers, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation & of course the Seattle Space Needle. There were fountains, street performers, musicians and folks in costumes to entertain us as we strolled. There was even a man playing a pan flute. For the first time ever I filled my 8 Gig SD memory card and had to load a second one. I suppose I took over 450 frames before the day was over. This first post is just the beginning of many photographic posts and stories associated with them. Since I’m on my final weeks on the West Coast this was a great way to capture some final souvenir photos.

Seattle Space Needle

Seattle Space Needle #1

Fountain In The Park #1

The Fountain #1

Making New Friends

Meeting New Friends

Skycity Restaurant Entrance

Skycity Restaurant #1


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