Another Fraud Investigation

Boy this is getting old. Now someone attempted to charge airfare on one of my credit cards on Jet Blue airline. That’s not me, I told the fraud investigators at Capital One Credit Cards. They actually suspected an issue and emailed me for verification. Now I’ve had to cut up another credit card and get a replacement sent to my new address. It’s lousy timing but won’t be a deal breaker as I have the funds for the move paid for already. I get sick and tired of crooks stealing my money. I haven’t a clue how they pulled it off. It’s more of a hassle than anything else. That card was linked to my Amazon account so now I’ll need to change all that when I get to Uxbridge. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Another Fraud Investigation

  1. Within a week of getting my new credit card when I was in the states, someone was using it to buy stuff from Florida to Thailand! I myself had only used it once or twice! Who knows how they do this. It was a real pain as I was back in Mexico and needed to pay to have a new card Fed Exed to me-then had to change everything–Netflix, Amazon, Paypal, etc. etc. . So sorry for you. Not fun.

      • It may have alerted me to another problem as I spotted a charge for my car transport that is questionable for $181.57 on August 13. I weas told by the agent that I had to make that payment to the truck driver coming Friday to pick up my car. Now I have to call that agent to rectify the situation. I do NOT want to pay twice for the same service. 😦

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