Annette: Final Lesson

Below is a photo I took of Annette, my latest photography student. She was setting up a shot of a street vendor  in a park in Seattle, WA. We were there to visit the Chihuly Glass Works but decided to walk through the park to get there. One of the things she has learned from me is how to find interesting subject matter anywhere. We photographed the scenery, flowers along the sidewalk, street vendor, children playing in a giant fountain set in a bowl shaped arena and each other.

I’m proud of her for holding her camera as I taught her to get a nice stable shot in any kind of lighting. Later, as we entered the Chihuly indoor exhibition, that technique would become crucial as it’s in near total darkness, with the glass sculptures carefully lit. We were both shooting at ISO 6400 at around 1/10″ handheld so proper holding allows for a shake proof photograph. Practice makes perfect. If you hold your camera correctly in broad daylight you’ll do it instinctively in very dark situations as well.

Annette Doing It Right


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