Flower Of The Day: The Ones At My Feet

Another photography lesson reinforced during my final lesson with Annette Saturday is the need to look down at your feet for nature’s blessings. Sure, we were there to photograph the famous Chihuly Glass Works in Seattle, WA but we should never neglect keeping our eyes open for the little gems all around us.That’s how you develop your photographer’s eye. There are thousands of beautiful things all around us if we just open our eyes, our hearts and our minds to them.

The photograph below turns out to be one of my favorites of the day. I took over 500 frames that day and this one of a beautiful delicate flower touches me more than any other. The delical pastel color and long graceful pistils do it for me. Any help identifying the species would be appreciated.

Flowers At My Feet #2


5 thoughts on “Flower Of The Day: The Ones At My Feet

  1. Hi Bob Love your photos and am sorry about the things that have come up. My computer is at Geek
    Squad getting Windows 10. Scott’s computer is hard for me to manage and my contacts are not on here, rats. I hope you have a great flight.

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