Boring Jobs

What’s the most boring job you’ve ever had? I filled in once for a steel cutter who sat at this machine with a hand lever and a foot pedal. The hand lever pulled a band of steel off a reel a predetermined length. The foot pedal cut the piece. Repeat 10,000 times a day.

Now for the next order you must push the lever twice and press the foot pedal once to cut that length. Imagine the rhythm of that routine times 10,000. “Cachunka, chunka, Thud!, Cachunka. chunka, Thud!, Cachunka, chunka, Thud!” After 8 hours a day of this imagine your gate as you leave to go home. Cachunka, chunka Thud! LOL

Popcorn Cart


2 thoughts on “Boring Jobs

  1. Oh man that job you had did sound boring. I worked as a teachers aide and then taught for 25 years so I neve had a boring job til I retired.

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