It’s Time To Load Herbie Up

Herbie 2Thursday’s the day I load all my stuff in my Smart Car for it’s transport to Uxbridge. Everything’s packed and ready to carry out to the car, open the hatchback door and lower the tailgate. I’m going to do the deed this afternoon after doing some final running around with the car empty. Then it’s just a matter of waiting until Friday for the truck and it’s driver to arrive and load it all aboard for its 3100 mile trip. It should arrive safely without a single mile extra on its odometer. I’m going to take a photo of its dashboard and the mileage on the car along with walk around photos of the car in pristine condition just for proof. I’ll use my little camera rig that’s going around me neck on the flight there. I won’t have a computer to process the photos until the car arrives in Uxbridge but I’ll have the files.

I may need to buy a few food items to eat in the next week while I still have an empty car this morning, stuff I can fry or microwave will be ideal. I still have one more luncheon Saturday afternoon with Paul & Dave. I will not waste away and die of starvation. 🙂

The car is packed but I couldn’t get everything in it. I thought I had room for my checked bag on the plane but I don’t. I guess it’s back to plan ”A” which has me paying $25 for one checked bag.


5 thoughts on “It’s Time To Load Herbie Up

    • Right now I’m sort of enjoying a break from all of that. I scheduled 3-4 days worth of posts in advance so I’m strictly on my Nexus 7 (2013) for the next week. What I need most now is simple sleep.

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