The Car’s In The Mail

OK so actually the car’s on the truck but it sounded better as a title to say it’s in the mail, like the proverbial check. This is the final step before the one week stretch drive before getting on the plane, the plane, the plane! The car dispatcher is going to try and hook us up on the other end so that I have my car and stuff ASAP. On with life!


4 thoughts on “The Car’s In The Mail

    • The driver did a very detailed report on every scratch and ding on the car before loading it on the truck so hopefully they are concerned about maintaining its condition during the haul. My car is in a “like new” condition. I also did a walk around photographic collect at high resolution just before he arrived. It’s dated and timed for the sake of evidence.

  1. Well, it sounds like all that’s left is for you to catch your plane and head to your next adventure filled destination. I’m going to miss seeing your wonderful photos of our beautiful state, but I also am looking forward to your new adventures on the East Coast. follow my blog and I’ll keep you up on goings ons around here and my latest adventures. although things are winding down for me, Rob has mentioned going up to Timberline when it gets some snow, and possibly even over to Bend and Sisters area, My Brother wants to go see is Sister In Law over there but it would be cheaper and more fun for the 3 of us to make it an adventure in the Vibe.
    Hope you have a safe journey and hope to see you back online soon! take care.

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