The Day After The Car Left Me

It’s less than 24 hours since I watched my car being loaded aboard a truck headed to a bigger truck transporting it across our country. It’s heading for Uxbridge, MA and my new life in New England. All my worldly possessions are on board. My camera gear and a few things are going on the plane with me October 2nd.

It’ a strange feeling starting my life completely over again. Actually I’ve done this before. It was a bit more than 9 years ago that I was headed from Graniteville, SC to Hillsboro, OR to begin what was to be my final job with Intel Corporation. That good job set me up for retirement at 61 and the lifestyle I now enjoy. I’m free. Free of stress, free from the 9 to 5 mentality, a ratrace where we can’t escape the maze of life. I’m truly free to go where I want, do anything I’ve dreamed of my whole life, start over anew.


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