All the parties are over, Priceline sent me an email reminding me it’s time to pack my bags. Lol That’s ironic as they’ve been packed for over a week now. I can see in my closet I’m down to just two changes of clothing, the last is being saved as it’s my new shirt from Liz, given to me as a thank you for my photography lessons.

As they say in the military: I have one more wakeup and a jolly jumpup to go. I’ve said my farewells, shook hands with good male friends and hugged everybody. I’ll miss them all. My hosts in Uxbridge are anxiously awaiting my arrival. I apologize for all the packages they’ve been piling up in my apartment/home. It was cheaper getting it all delivered for free than finding room for it in my tiny car. šŸ™‚

So now we wait for the next 48 hours to pass at which time I’ll be sitting here waiting for Pat to fetch me along with my backpack, checked baggage and messager bag full of snacks for the short 5 hour flight across our country. Goodbye Oregon, Hello Uxbridge.


12 thoughts on “Plans

  1. Bob –
    Happy Trails to you, my friend. New friends await and old friends will remain.
    And remember if in the future, you ever find yourself traveling through the Hudson Valley – you’ve got a hot cup of coffee waiting šŸ™‚

  2. Your packages await. I hauled a couple of bed covers — one chenille, one patchwork quilt — downstairs (okay, Garry hauled, but I picked them out and told him what to haul) and there are a couple of more things I need to transport, but basically, it’s ready. I hope you like chicken.

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