A Lovely Smile #2

Today, being Halloween, I went out looking for a festive photo for the occasion. I found it at an unlikely place, Hannaford’s Supermarket. You see some of their employees came to work today in full costume. I walked by this young lady dressed in a Raggedy Ann costume that took me by surprise. She was delightful to talk to when I complimented her on her outfit so I asked if she would mind me photographing her. She had no problem with that at all and even struck a pose with a huge, beautiful smile. She mentioned her daughter would never let herself be photographed. It brightened my day to get this unique opportunity so I wanted to make sure I processed and posted it on Halloween. I gave the young lady my contact card and told her I’d be glad to send her the picture.

A Lovely Smile #2

Halloween On Main Street Uxbridge, MA

It’s hard to believe Halloween is here already. You can spend a small fortune at retail giants on supplies or costumes or you can get creative and use mom & pop stores in your local community. One such store in Uxbridge, MA is Rita’s Second Time Around Store on Main Street. Pat Benoits is the owner operator of Rita’s and has all sorts of goodies you might use.

There’s plenty of creepy characters in her store for the upcoming holiday. Check it out if you live in the area or just enjoy the photos I took today while visiting Pat. Recognize the hat in the third photo? You should because it’s mine! LOL

Pat At Rita's #1

The Lovely Couple

The Manaquin

Scarecrow In Chair

Rock Star #1

Clipper Cuts

Sterling Distributers

Below is a photo taken in one of my first photo adventures out by myself. I saw it as I drove around looking for interesting structures and scenery. I didn’t know its function until I pulled off the road and parked to get out and capture this wide angle view. It’s Sterling Distributors. What they distribute I have no clue!

Sterling Distributors

My New Pot Is Here

It arrived about an hour ago by UPS. My 1 quart Cuisinart stainless steel induction friendly sauce pan with glass lid. I filled it with cold water and timed it to boil at level 5. It work but took 8 minutes to reach a rolling boil. I emptied the pan let it cool and tried again at level 6. The induction cooktop has 15 power levels so I upped it from 5-6 to see the difference. This time it took just 5 minutes, more like what I had hoped. Also, it was a real rolling boil at 5 minutes, perfect for adding your eggs to cook soft boiled eggs. I’m going to actually try it with eggs tomorrow morning and drop the temperature to around 3-4 after introducing the eggs and putting the lid on top. I’ll start my timer for 4 minutes of boiling for the perfect eggs. I have a long handled slotted spoon for handling the eggs. I’ll prepare a bowl with cold water in it to stop the eggs from cooking any further with a cold bath. It’s all in the timing. Toasted Portuguese rolls with butter broken or cut into bite sized pieces before the eggs are ready. A big cup of tea will be brewing although if none of the  eggs break during the cooking process the boiling water can go right into my tea cup. I have a plan! And, “I love it when a plan comes together”!

Addendum: It’s Friday and I just successfully made soft boiled eggs and Portuguese toasted muffins for breakfast. I know it’s a trivial thing but “…it’s one small step for mankind”! I learned the routine by doing. Bring the water to boil with the lid on in 3 minutes at setting 6. Put warmed Eggs in pan and leave the cover off. Change setting to 3.5 and cook for 4 minutes 30 seconds. Remove eggs from pan, place in bowl with cold water to stop cooking. Voila!

Cuisinart Pot

Portuguese Muffins


I love dark and spooky places. I love shooting in very low light situations, it’s one of the main reasons I chose my Fuji X-E1 cameras. This ability to shoot at ISO 6400 and get good, sharp, reduced noise pictures was the selling point. I’m not saying there’s no noise but at 100% magnification on a full frame shot it’s negligible.

When I saw Cee’s entry on her website I was challenged to post one of my favorite low light shots. I set this shot up two mornings in a row, with my wide angle lens and Fuji X-E1 setting on a trash can next to this Fred Meyer department store. I set a 10 second timer, focused and the camera did the rest. I knew before looking at the picture that it would be special. Everything is so sharp you can read the sign in the very back of the row of signs.

So, with Shannon’s site at: http://abstractlucidity.com/2015/10/28/shannons-creative-photo-challenge-nighttime, I submit my photo to the challenge.

It Was A Dark & Dreary Night

Uxbridge Super Tree

I spotted this particular tree on Main Street while driving around Uxbridge. It stood out prominently on a street corner I pass to my left going home on Rt. 122. It took me three trips before I set out to capture is as the time of day and sky are critical in taking a good shot. I wanted to accentuate the 3-4 different colors in this one tree: red, orange, gold and green. It will make a nice reminder of my first Autumn in Massachusetts.

Uxbridge Supertree

Kitchen Storage

Since I have a makeshift kitchen in my basement living area I’m adding a store unit to secure my dishes in a protected cabinet. No sense tempting little furry critters from exploring. I have a wooden storage cube 15″x 15″x 15″ coming along with a double decker wire shelf insert that will take care of all my plates, cups and bowls plus small cutting boards and utensils. For under $50 I’m confident everything will stay secure.

Cube With Shelves

Mug Shot

I’ve been looking for a coffee mug large enough to eat a can of soup from in the cold Winter ahead. It would have to be at least twice the average sized mug. I got an intermediate one at Rita’s Send Time Around Store on Main Street in Uxbridge but even that wasn’t as big as I wanted to go. As I spoke to Marilyn about this quest she opened up one of her kitchen cabinets full of oddball, one of a kind mugs including the one she gave me. That’s it photographed below. This puppy is truly huge, making a giant cup of coffee/tea in the morning with its own built-in refill. Now THAT’S a mug!

Coffee Mug Shot #1