The Car’s NOT In The Mail?

What a bizarre day Friday was! I get a call from the long haul truck driver delivering my car to Uxbridge that it will arrive Friday morning. Hey, I’m still in Oregon, HELLO! A bunch of phone calls later and we arranged to have it delivered to Marilyn on the road in front of her driveway and then, after an inspection, I will mail the $1000 money order to the company. They new my arrival date why didn’t they arrange the delivery for Saturday, Sunday or Monday when I would be there? Duh!!!! Marilyn is going to save the day at the cost of having to set alarms to be up by the time the driver arrives. I leave for Uxbridge at 7 Friday morning. Crazy!


9 thoughts on “The Car’s NOT In The Mail?

  1. Oh man Bob you don’t need this confusion but sound like it is all working out. Sending good vibes for smooth travel.

  2. Well I’m just amazed that someone is delivering something early! Usually things don’t turn up on time. Hopefully they won’t arrive at the crack of dawn and get Marilyn and Garry out of bed. Happy travelling.

  3. Car safe in driveway and we are just about to leave for the airport. Half an hour more to gulp down some coffee. I think we are going to need a nice vacation now. Or at least a lot sit watching a few old movies.

    • Arriving early huh! We thought of you getting Bob while at Mc Donald’s.
      Waiting to hear from Bob, but he has to get settled. Understand.
      Got snow yet? We have been teasing him about that.l

      • I slept like a dead man last night. I got up once or time but that’s a blog post all by itself. With a three hour time difference I awoke at 8 a.m. to bright sunshine coming through my bedroom window. My friends are late risers compared to me. I will change at time goes by. More later….. Know that I am well and thinking of you all.

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