Houston, The Plane Has Landed

Where do I begin? So much has happened in the past 48 hours it seems like a month has been compressed into two very long days.

The send off – All my friends made it really clear how anxious they were to be rid of me. The fed me all week prior to my departure to the point where I had to buy a large economy sized box of Alka-Seltzer. I was so honored to be wined and dined at my favorite restaurants one final time.

My best friend, Warren was the final leg of the trip to the transit center that shuttled me in comfort to the front door of the Portland Airport. My only problem was the 4-5 hour wait until my departure time. The tickets I purchased through Priceline. com were valid but the seating arrangements didn’t hold water with United Airlines. My original aisle seat on the 737 turned into the center seat in Economy Plus. I was crippled because of my arthritic knees being cramped in the middle seat with no way to stretch or move your legs to a comfortable position. Even though I was on the “Red Eye” from 9:30 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. I didn’t sleep a wink.

The same went for the extremely quick flight from Newark Airport to Boston’s Logan Field. Throw in a 3 1/2″ layover in Newark, NJ for the 39 minute final flight to Boston. It was 2500 miles from Portland, OR to Newark, NJ and 200 miles from Newark to Boston.

There are no free drinks or even snacks on airlines anymore. Thank goodness for one of my senior ladies, Dianne, for the bags of nuts I took with me aboard the first leg of the trip. It allowed me somehow to survive the 5 hour flight across our country. LOL

My hosts in Uxbridge, MA, Marilyn & Garry, graciously picked me up at Logan Field. We ran into a broken luggage carousel That took about a half hour or so to fix only to discover my two bags were sitting at the next carousel down the line. 😦

I took a drive with Marilyn this afternoon to get gas in my Smart Car as well as do some basic grocery shopping. I couldn’t help notice the much cheaper prices on every food item. Also, the price of regular gas was $2.10 compared to $2.59 in Portland. Cheaper is better.

The trees here are just now starting to show some significant color. I’ll bet in the next two weeks Marilyn, Garry and I will be out photographing the Autumn beauty. As I complete the unpacking of all my stuff I can tell this will be a warm, welcome home, even if they are Patriots fans. LOL

More to follow……

10 thoughts on “Houston, The Plane Has Landed

  1. Glad you made it safely Bob. I sympathise with you about the centre seat. I hate getting that one and always try to avoid it. Last time I had one I was wedged between my very large husband and a total stranger and could hardly move my arms let alone my legs. Luckily the flight was only an hour. Told Hubby, who had not wanted me to pre reserve the seats that I was seriously considering flying on a different plane from him next time we travelled.

    • I don’t travel enough to realize how everything has changed. The airline wars from decades ago has weeded out the weak competitors and left a lean, money grubbing group of airlines that charge you extra for a decent seat, food & drinks and fast delivery times. Granted I could never beat the $140 price I paid for a 5 hour flight across country but as I age I may not be able to take the grueling squashed conditions.

  2. So happy you got there and hop you have had a chance to rest. Fall colors there soon beautiful and looking forward to your photos again when you get settled.

    • Ruth there’s never a dull minute for me lately. I’m exploring my new environment both inside the house and outside. The mini-trip to the gas station and grocery store became a window to a whole new world out there. Explore, explore, explore! And, bring my camera next time. LOL This is fun!

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