A Farewell From The Gang Of Three

This is one of the photos I took on my last day in Oregon. Friday is one of the three days our senior group meets at our local McDonald’s. We laugh and cry, tell lies and voice our opinions. We also look out after each other. If someone needs a hand we are there for each other.

I will miss my senior ladies but I will continue to correspond as each is computer savvy and looks for email each and every day. From left to right you see Dianne Stein, Donna Evans and Pat Nelson. We have other “satellite” members that don’t come on a regular basis but will join us on occasion. They also follow my blog so I need to be careful what I write, right ladies? Dianne used to regularly tell me she could hurt me if I wasn’t careful. 🙂

Gang Of Three


3 thoughts on “A Farewell From The Gang Of Three

    • It’s early in the game as I’ve only been here a few days. It’s different this go around as I’m living with people I know right upstairs. I’ll give it time and play it by ear.

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