Bob In His New “Man Cave”

Day two: It’s 2:30 a.m. and I’m wearing my comfy flannel robe given to me by my South Carolina best friend, Marion some 12 years ago. I’m sitting in my new den in Uxbridge, MA doing some work on my computer setup that I completed just a few hours earlier. It was important to get up and running so I could begin the arduous process of updating my address on a dozen or more websites such as Social Security, car insurance, banking, etc., etc.. There were doubts about dead spots in broadband coverage downstairs where I now live. I was thrilled to discover the signal strength was strong in my den/living room where this huge oak rolltop desk is located. It’s absolutely perfect, with plenty of storage, cubby holes and pull-out shelves that I can use as arm rests while using my Wacom Intuos Pen/Touch tablet or bluetooth wireless Apple Magic Mouse. It’s a computer geek’s dream desk. 🙂 That be me!

I don’t know how long it will take me to get each room setup the way I like it but there’s so much potential here. For one thing there’s space, lots of space. I’ve been living in one room environments for years so it’s quite a luxury to have 4 whole rooms to customize any way I want. There’s even a workshop down here that I could use to get back into some minor woodworking that I love so much. If I need a shelf I can make one, ditto storage bins, coat racks or anything else I can dream up. That saves a lot of money and personalizes my living environment.

So this is only day 2 in my new home and I’m taking breaks in the unpacking process to enjoy the spaces that are special. This den with its 50″ TV and rolltop desk will be greatly used and appreciated. Welcome to a glimpse at my new home. 🙂

Man Cave

Uxbridge Den #1


12 thoughts on “Bob In His New “Man Cave”

  1. Hi Bob, Sounds like your new Man Cave is fantastic! I’m happy for you. Miss you. And my xe 1 should be arriving very soon. That was a huge decision but as the supply is getting low the prices are going up and up and up.

    Take good care,


    • I’ve been emphasizing the need for urgency to many people interested in a bargain on a camera. You don’t get camera companies giving you the camera for the price of the included lens often. I’m sure you will love your Fuji as I do. It has never let me down and as you know I have two X-E1 bodies and 5 lenses.

      Keep an eye on my blog for updates on my status and new and exciting photos to come as I begin exploring beautiful New England before the snow starts falling. I have so much to do but I realize I’ve only been here two days. I’ve spent all day to day unpacking and getting everything up and running. My 50″ TV now works. I’ve updated Social Security addresses as well as my Boeing pension information. There are more accounts to update but they will all get changed.

      Then there’s stuff I need to change in MA. DMV is a high priority along with getting snow tires on my Smart Car before Winter begins. It will all get done but it’s a daunting chore. Good to hear from you.

  2. Your new Man Cave…”Home” looks good:) Love the rock fireplace! And you got the iMac up and running…praying for you as I know that moves bring many emotions…from elation to grief…change is never easy…BUT know we that look for your blog are with you…you are with us too and never forgotten:) How cool it is that we can move across the US and still be connected…yuppers:) Welcome to your new home…heartfelt hugs and thoughts…always prayers:) HRCG!

    • How our world has changed in the 10 years since I last moved across country! I was able to keep my same cellphone number, credit union and email address. All the needs to update addresses can be accomplished online now. If there weren’t so very many of them!

  3. Ah-ha my friend…its cuz you have so many who care about you:) Technology, while at times kinda stinks when trying to learn it in 5 minutes…however is a HUGE blessing for us to stay in touch:)

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