“Change is inevitable”! I’m sure you’ve heard that analogy many times in your life, I have. But are changes made out of need or is change driven out of greed? Do we really need an iPhone 6, Windows 10, a Fuji X-E2? I’m convinced change is an institution in our country. We change things because scores of people would be out of a job for one thing if they didn’t constantly work on the next change. Engineers, draftsmen, salesmen and secretaries with word processors are all dependent on making changes. I think this phenomena is more pronounced in the United States than in other parts of the world. BMW changes their car colors every year and maybe adds a doodad here or there. American car makers rool out new models every year, swearing they will change your life as you know it.

The photo below is a reflection on our society. Every sign, every picture on this display wall changes constantly. You see we don’t really make signs the way we used to, with paint and lettering and all. Now everything’s a digital display, even billboards along the roads. We are flooded with constantly changing information, some good, some not so good. I certainly didn’t appreciate the changing of my seating on my first flight. There’s a big difference between an aisle seat that I originally had and the center seat in a row of 3 being squeezed from both directions. This is your world, let me off at the next stop please.



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