Finishing Up

Bob_Day1I am not quite to the point where I can say I’ve unpacked all my stuff. By nature I tend to be an organizational buzzard that knows where everything is located. That’s going to take some time to get my bearings. Shoot, the first night I slept here, two nights ago. I woke up in total darkness, in a strange bed, and didn’t know where the light switch was to navigate my way to my own bathroom. LOL Add to that fact the difficulty in finding my own bathroom in daylight much less total darkness. Now where was the pesky light switch? 🙂

As with any relocation this is all normal yet this particular situation it gets comical. I get one half of the house all to myself. That’s a big change if you remember from just about two years ago when I relocated from a sub-studio, one room apartment, 13 1/2 feet by 13 1/2 feet. That’s 182 square feet! Can’t get lost in one room! Now I have a new and strange maze to navigate with 4-5 big rooms each the size of that apartment.

This is only my second full day of living in Uxbridge, MA with Garry & Marilyn. I went on my first big adventure to the gas station & grocery store yesterday, my first full day here. I’ve made progress as I now have a cleaned out empty car with a full tank of gas that will most likely last me a month. I put 8.5 gallons of regular gas in my bone dry tiny tank for just $18. That’s $2.11 a gallon. Wow that cheap!

Bob Selfie 1What new mysteries will reveal themselves today? I still have boxes to open and explore. I still need to open up my new induction cooktop, my new laser printer and my new set of cast iron cookware from Lodge. Since I successfully completed my first grocery shopping trip yesterday I might get bold and try for my first cooked meal in my new home. Marilyn needs to end feeding me as she has the first day and a half I’ve been here. Fresh coffee in the morning yesterday was a godsend. Now I’ve located the one coffee cup I brought with me from Oregon along with an ample supply of Lipton tea bags I unpacked yesterday. I’m going whole hog today and shooting for two eggs over easy on white bread toast with a cup of hot tea. There, I said it so now I need to “make it so”, to boldly go where no man has gone before…. That’s the plan, as soon as I unbox that cooktop, frying pan and utensils still in the final box of stuff. 🙂

Coming soon: a photo of my first meal prepared by me in Uxbridge, MA. ———— Are ya excited yet? LOL


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