First Tour Of Uxbridge

After 3 days at my new home Marilyn felt it was time to get out and see some of the sights of Uxbridge, MA. We took care of some chores first with a stop at Hannaford’s Grocery Store in town. Next it was a tour of some of her favorite scenic locations. The Fall color is finally showing itself locally so we included Caprons Pond that lies in the heart of Uxbridge. We were blessed with a locate resident, a turtle warming itself on a river rock. He wasn’t deterred by our presence about 15 feet from where he sat. The sky was clear and a deep blue reflecting in the waters of the river.

Uxbridge River #1

Uxbridge Turtle #1

Uxbridge Three Benches #1


9 thoughts on “First Tour Of Uxbridge

  1. Stunning and is that the same turtle that was on the rock in front of Marilyn when she was sitting and setting up her shot?

  2. One turtle, two photographers. He might as well have been a plastic turtle for all that he didn’t move an inch while we were there.

    I wish we had a better autumn for your first October in New England, but I’m taking as a sign that winter will also be slow in arriving and gentle when it gets here. I can dream, anyway.

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