The Uxbridge Chronicles: Front Desk

Yes fun seekers, this is the location where the creative mind(s) of the Uxbridge Chronicle’s Editor(s) come to work. It has everything a burgeoning writer/photographer/editor and trashcan emptier could want, a cozy chair, a beautiful huge oak desk and a great Bose Mini Soundlink speaker. I’m going to be spending a lot of time here so why not make it comfortable, functional and efficient? It works for me! Β More to follow…….

Uxbridge Den #2


8 thoughts on “The Uxbridge Chronicles: Front Desk

  1. Hi Bob, Your digs sure look comfy. You deserve it! Is that a nice fireplace to the left?
    Would you believe the xe 1 price rose another $100 from Fri. to Mon.
    Take care,

    • The bottom drawers on both sides are deeper on this one as well. I need to wet a rag and pick up as much dirt as possible remaining. I don’t have a vacuum anymore. πŸ™‚

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