The Desk #1Call it a photo safari, or a need to buy food or gas. It was time to get out and start learning my new environment. I haven’t ventured out by myself yet but that’s coming and soon. I don’t want to impose on my hosts. Garry & Marilyn. I have my little Tom Tom GPS to save me if I make a wrong turn. I may need to take my Nexus 7 tablet with a list of stores and their addresses so I can go places and return home. I’ve been through this procedure before 10 years ago when I moved from South Carolina to Portland, OR. I knew nobody or anywhere in Oregon. Back then I carried local maps to venture out. Now, technology is more practical with my gps.

I’ve been out exploring and shopping twice since arriving in Uxbridge, MA October 03. The weather is beautiful but we’re heading for Winter so I need to learn my way around while I can still see the roads. Snow will mess up anyone’s reference system. I need to make it to the DMV and VA Medical Clinic to take care of business. I need to get 4 snow tires on Herbie. Time’s not stopping while I start getting out there and finding these places. Tomorrow’s the day, the first time I’m striking out on my own. 😦

Uxbridge Falls 01


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