Yes, doom is what I feel like right now! Last night I attempted to download and install the latest operating system from Apple known as El Capitan. It’ FREE. It’s supposed to be a simple process that’s fully automated. It killed my iMac! 😦

I tried everything I know to bring it back to normal but it’s stuck in a loop that’s inescapable, making the computer useless.

I did the normal things to troubleshoot the problem. I “Googled” it. Other people are having the same problem and nobody has a fix. I went to bed last night totally frustrated. If you reboot and try opening it in safe mode it won’t let you download a new copy in case the first was corrupted. That’s really stupid on the part of Apple. At this point I don’t know what to do. I have my Nexus 7 tablet that’s connected to the internet and I’ve been using it to try and find answers. There are none.

I can’t afford a new computer. I can’t afford much of anything having jusemptying my meager savings for the move to Uxbridge. I’ll start looking for a Mac or Apple store locally where I can bring my computer there in the hopes they can at least get me operational again. On how I regret loading that upgrade to El Capitan.


11 thoughts on “Doom

  1. I know how you feel and you did do what a friend told me ONCE, Google it. Will keep you in mind today. Mac store you can find. Do not get lost.

    • There’s a lot going on here. It will cost hundreds to legally keep my can on the road. Driver’s license, registration, plates, inspection. Now I must find an Apple dealer to fix my computer. That won’t be cheap either. I must get the computer running without destroying all the years of stuff I have on it. It’s dealer time. If I can find one.

  2. I’ve had trouble before downloading new operating systems on my Mac. I’ve had to call them to fix. I’ve found that when upgrading the system they give you free assistance for a certain amount of time – like 30 days. I’d give them a call and tell them your problem and see if they can assist you. They’ve had to “capture” my computer and figure it out but it was free because I was downloading the new system.

    • Nothing is free in this case. I took it to Mac Works, a business computer store. I should her back from them soon. In the meantime just text posts for me. I need a nap. 🙂

  3. So sorry to hear about this trouble. I’m always skeptical of upgrades. Anytime someone says “new and improved” to me, I usually run. Hope you can get things worked out. And I never heard of a state that didn’t give you three months to get all your knew license and registration when you are a legitimately licensed driver who has just moved into the state. Are they saying you have to pay for all of this stuff this month?

    • Yes I’ve been told it’s a rush to get legitimate before someone hits you. The 40-50 mile drive I took yesterday was an eye opener. Driver’s were doing really stupid things but because I was in my steel cage I felt safe from being run over. They ignore the speed limit and get mad if you’re in their way to go faster.

  4. So sorry this happened and I have not downloaded it and do not think I will although I have the apple care warranty if I need it.

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