Follow Up To Doom

I found a local business that services Apple computers. I loaded the address into my GPS and headed out carrying my computer. I found the shop, dropped off the computer and told them what I needed done along with a description of the problem. They agreed to load the latest operating system, back up my hard drive and save the contents of my years of work. I provided them with a 1 TB portable hard drive. Now we wait. I’m expecting a call back by Monday to make the return trip. I have no idea of the cost of this work. I need my computer up and running.


11 thoughts on “Follow Up To Doom

    • I was more concerned about losing my work than losing my computer. That’s why part of this fix includes a complete hard drive backup. Then, at least for a while, I’ll have some security. It was my fault for getting lazy when my backup drive got full not to act on it

      • Yes, we all know we should back up regularly but I’ve fallen into the same trap from time to time. Hope they will be able to save everything. I know I’d be devastated to lose my photos even though I have many on google photos, Flickr and a portable hard drive as well. Not to mention other information I would find a hassle to compile again.

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