Induction Rangetop

Before even moving to Uxbridge I placed my order for an induction rangetop through good old It cost me about $70 which was reasonably cheap for such a versatile appliance. I have used it to fry two eggs over easy in my 8 inch Lodge cast iron skillet.

The first thing I noticed is how fast it heats up. I dropped a piece of butter in the pan, pressed the power button to on and 20 seconds later it’s melting and sliding around that pan. By 30 seconds I can crack my eggs and place them in the now hot pan with melted butter over the whole surface. The eggs are done to over easy in less than 2 minutes. By then my muffin/bread is toasted and buttered and my tea has stepped sufficiently to add creamer/lemon. Voila, breakfast!

The pan only needs a thorough wipe with a paper towel and back it goes on the induction rangetop that is already cool to the touch.

It’s less than 10 minutes to cook, clean & start eating.


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