The Tires Are Coming The Tires Are Coming

Check off another major chore that needs doing before Winter. I now have 4 new tires ordered for Winter driving. They’re Continental TS800 snow tires for my Smart Car Pure. I looked them up on YouTube and found a video of a Smart Car driving around in a big snowy area with ease.

I found the tires online thanks to my friend and hostess, Marilyn, who has experience with this company. They are scheduled to be delivered next Tuesday and installed by a local filling station shortly thereafter. I feel relieved to get this important preparation for Winter completed.


9 thoughts on “The Tires Are Coming The Tires Are Coming

  1. geez, we are still having summer like weather here in the Portland area Bob and your thinking of snow tires? Sounds like you are settling in just fine there. hope you get good news about your computer.

    • I sure miss that computer. I’m hoping for tomorrow. Uxbridge is really in a northerly climate with early snowfall possible. I don’t want to get caught with aging street tires should it suddenly snow early. Better safe than sorry.

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