I Got My Super Duper Flu Shot Yesterday

I made the drive to Worcester yesterday to get signed up for a primary care physician. It was simply a two page form with the standard information requested. I was smart enough to bring my identification paperwork with me and it paid off when I was asked for my DD 214 military service certificate given to me upon discharge from the USAF 42 years ago. That was it. They said they’d be in touch with a doctor and an appointment. I got that call and appointment later that afternoon. Because I need a primary doctor to begin receiving services I did not get my flu shot at the VA Clinic. Bummer! I promptly drove to Hannaford’s Supermarket Pharmacy and bought one out of my pocket, $54. Ouch!

My “Meet & Greet” with my new doctor wasn’t for another month so I didn’t want to wait that long. That $54 tab pretty much wiped out my remaining cash but my Social Security check arrives Wednesday, today.

I’m feeling a bit queasy today as a result of that shot. I hope it clears today as I must travel to get my repaired computer this morning. Hopefully my computer will be home and running fine by noon Wednesday.


4 thoughts on “I Got My Super Duper Flu Shot Yesterday

  1. Wow that is a lot for fly shot. Medicare paid for mine and we paid $31 for hubbys.
    We got ours the end of Sept.
    Hope everything clears for your SS check and you get your computer home and are able to relax.

  2. It seems to me that once you have a primary doctor assigned to you, then you should be able to make an appointment for a simple flu shot through VA anyway. But, then again, all the people I know who have had to depend on VA have been treated horribly, in everything from prescription refills to major surgery, some of the horrible treatment resulting in their early deaths. The treatment at the VA closest to me got so bad that they had to get rid of surgeons and even quit doing surgery for a period of time. They still send a lot of the patients out to other facilities and other doctors to have surgery. And the VA hospital in St. Louis has such a negative reputation that people are afraid to go there as well. It’s just a shame this nation doesn’t love and appreciate their veterans a whole lot more than they do.

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