I’m Back, Sort Of

So, I picked up my computer at 9 this morning. $289 later I was on my way. I was warned that the application software, especially Photoshop, needed reloading. That’s putting it mildly! None of my Photoshop plug-in suites are compatible with the new Apple operating system. What a pain in the ass. Boy I wish I had never tried to upgrade! The technician claimed I had issues with my old iMac that caused the crash when I tried to upgrade. Thanks Apple.

I spent over an hour with Adobe Technical Support to get Photoshop to work again. That young lady from India worked her butt off getting me running again. I permitted her to install remote access software on my computer so that she could take control from her location. She sure did know her stuff. I would have never been able to do what she did. And, it was all free because I rent Photoshop each month. They want that money to keep flowing so they fixed my issues. Now all I have to do is figure out how to get my plug-in software working again.

Even though my brain is fried I processed a few pictures so I have something to post. Text only posts about computer issues gets boring.

So here is a shot Marilyn takes every year of a radiant tree next to an old house in Uxbridge. After taking it I informed her that her tree was ready for her camera. She made a special trip to capture it’s radiance. This is my version.

The Uxbridge Tree #1


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