Front Door Back Door

I live in a split level house. What that means is that things aren’t normal here. What looks like the main entrance door is actually the doggie door. The main entrance, the doors everyone uses to get in and out of the house, is at the driveway level on the side of the home. The rear door is for taking pictures of the back yard, especially when the rear deck is covered with multiple feet of snow. It’s a different sort of arrangement that seems to work quite well.

Since I live in the basement I get lots of visitors, just passing through to the staircase leading upstairs. I wave and say hi as I’m sitting in my living room at what is now my computer desk. The house laundry room is also downstairs in the basement. It doubles as my bathroom and shower. It’s a comfy little arrangement that works for me.

Front Door Back Door

The real front door is for the three dogs. 🙂

The Real Front Door

The Driveway – Notice the upper & lower side parking spots.

Uxbridge Driveway #1a


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