Herbie In The Lower Driveway

There’s a pecking order for parking in our driveway. Right now there are three vehicles that need a home without blocking anyone else’s egress. There’s a small pulloff at the middle of the driveway and another closer to the house. If there are visitors they know the game quite well, don’t block the driveway.

Now the rules all change in Winter snow as all the cars need to find a home at the top of the driveway closest to the road. It’s all uphill from the house. With snows like Boston/Uxbridge got last year cars that get buried by drifts must either be dug out or remain there until the snow melts. Rule #1 – Don’t Block The Driveway! Herbie should feel right at home.

Herbie In Uxbridge Driveway


2 thoughts on “Herbie In The Lower Driveway

    • I’m having 4 really good snow tires put on Herbie tomorrow. I have little experience with Herbie in the snow, having lived for the past 10 years in Portland, OR. We’ll see.

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